United For Peace and Justice, UFPJ

Nine years ago today, UFPJ led U.S. anti-war activists in an historic demonstration of grass-roots opposition to war in Iraq. Over 11 million people around the world took action making it the biggest protest in history. Worldwide the “power of the peaceful” was recognized by the media as the world’s Second Superpower. The troops are finally home from Iraq while fighting continues in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now a war in Iran is looming. UFPJ is asking for your support so that we can deepen and broaden opposition to the U.S. war machine and help build the powerful justice movement growing at home.

U.S. foreign policy generates conflict as it serves the interests of those who grow wealthy from the profits of an economy of militarism. With over 700 bases girdling the globe, our policy of endless war has wreaked havoc on people around the world. The US military consumes over 50% of our national budget – tax dollars that are desperately needed here at home to promote jobs, support families, and take care of human needs.

We must stop this madness! That is why UFPJ is meeting in Philadelphia February 24-26 to Occupy Peace! We will strategize with activists from the Occupy Movement and a broad spectrum of domestic justice struggles. Together we will search for the common ground in our movements, address the political economy of militarism, and discuss actions to fundamentally shift our national economic priorities. Please donate generously to support our meeting and the work of UFPJ’s members to build a justice and peace economy.

And please, join us in Philadelphia!
Power to the peaceful,
The UFPJ Steering Committee

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