The Iran Pledge of Resistance (IPOR) is a UFPJ initiated coordinated grassroots campaign to build an emergency response network capable of preempting any escalated U.S. intervention in Iran or the Middle East.

Over the past few months there has been escalating talk about the possibility of a U.S. war with Iran. Israel, the U.S.’s closest ally in the region, is threatening attacks which could pull us into war. President Obama and the Republican presidential candidates are saying that “all options are on the table” to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. This is despite the fact that top U.S. intelligence officials have made consistent statements that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program nor is there proof they intend to establish one.

Let’s stop this war before it starts.

On Feb 15, 2003 millions of people marched against war in Iraq. What if millions of us again join together to say no to war, but this time organize a mass horizontal direct action network?

Take the Pledge

“If the United States applies increased sanctions, invades, bombs, sends combat troops or drones, or otherwise significantly escalates its intervention in Iran or the region directly or through support of its allies, I pledge to join with others to engage in acts of legal protest and/or nonviolent civil disobedience to prevent or halt the death and destruction which U.S. military actions would cause to the people of Iran, the Middle East, our communities at home, and the planet itself.”

By signing the pledge you will be connecting with 100,000s of others who are receiving this email; but signing up is just the first step. This will only be effective if we organize at the grassroots level. While the Pledge itself is online and there will be effective actions to do from your computer, it will be important to connect with others in your community to start building out this network. We will be able to connect you with others in your area who sign the pledge to coordinate local actions and engage in emergency response. The structure of the Iran Pledge of Resistance is a simple one: local affinity groups formed by those signing up will lead to local spokes councils and coordinating bodies. Those spokes councils will be part of the national conversation to figure out next steps, plan days of actions and much more. Now is your chance to take the first step. Go to to take the pledge now.

Working together, we can be a powerful force that can change the course of history. Sign the Pledge of Resistance and start organizing now!

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In Struggle,
The United For Peace and Justice Coordinating Committee
Michael McPhearson, Lisa Fithian, Siri Margerin, Cole Harrision, Jackie Cabasso, Terry Rockefeller, Jannie Schwab, Gael Murphy, Samantha Miller, Lee Siu Hin, Michael Eisenscher, Robby Diesu, Sergio Espana

P.S. As the initiator of this grassroots effort, UFPJ is taking this on with all its weight, hiring additional staff and putting up all of the seed money that was and is still needed. Please help us invest in peace and this project by making a donation to UFPJ here.

Sixteen civilian men, women, and children were murdered in Afghanistan. Enough. End it.

My letter:

President Barack Obama,

Across the political spectrum, Americans want the U.S. military out of Afghanistan now. This is an election year. It might be wise to start listening.

For the love of GOD, please stop the slaughter. What are we doing to our neighbors and our own country? Our foreign policy has the US in countries all over the world and we are slaughtering civilians now in Afghanistan as we did in Iraq thanks to Bush and his administration. We are NOT doing our country good Mr, President. We need our military here now in OUR country protecting our airways, our airports our coastlines, our streets. We are making enemys Mr, President. There will be retailation. The US is no longer the the country it use to be. Since 9/11 Bush and his puppet masters have put us in more danger than ever by this witch hunt for terrorist. Ask yourself how we would deal with another country setting up bases in the US? How would it effect our relationship with that country?
The attack on Iraq was WRONG President Obama and any critically thinking American knows that. We then had to go in and repair the mess we made to their country costing our economy billions of dollars not to mention the very high count of civilian and military casualties. WHY? Their country was no threat to us. Now of course, they may well be. What have we done and why do we continue. While walking into the mess our former President made I realized your task was great, but our need for a peaceful end has not been met. I am not a political science major, but I know there are better alternatives to war and occupation. This is not a game of chess Mr. President. There will not be a winner. Bring our military home and make our borders strong. I thank you for what you have tried to do for our country but we have not addressed our most critical issues. What are we doing?! You are still our commander and chief.. You must know what is going on. Please stop this maddness. “night raids, drones, helicopters shooting children, or U.S. troops waving Nazi flags, urinating on corpses, or burning Korans.” Really? This makes me ashamed. Please stop putting our military in harms way all for greed and power. There is corruption. Find it and take it out. This is not what we are supposed to be about. Hopefully we can safely scrape this off our shoes. With regards and respect Mr. President bring us home and negotiate peace!