Reverson courts decision! Letter from Senator Isakson

Dear Ms. Dodd:

Thank you for contacting my office regarding the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. I appreciate hearing from you and appreciate the opportunity to respond.

On January 21, 2010, the Supreme Court upheld the right to engage in free speech, particularly political speech, and the right to freely associate. Specifically the Court held that corporations, nonprofits and labor unions can use their own treasuries to fund political advertisements within 30 days of a primary election or 60 days of a general election. The 5-4 decision rightly reverses previous interpretations of election law by federal agencies. The Court also ruled that such new spending will have to be disclosed. I am pleased to see the Supreme Court uphold the First Amendment rights of all Americans to participate in a transparent electoral process.

Thank you again for contacting me. Please visit my webpage at for more information on the issues important to you and to sign up for my e-newsletter.

Reply: Dear Senator Isakson,

Free speach is one thing. Being able to influence the political system is another. The people vote!! This decision should be reversed. I hope you see the harm this can do to our electorial system. Something MUST be done to return the vote to the people.

Sincerely concerned,

Dana Dodd

Johnny Isakson
United States Senator

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