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It takes two sides, each blaming the other entirely, and each refusing to recognize its own actions, to start a war. If NATO expansion, U.S. State Department interference, Western financial pressures and weapons basing plans are erased from recent history, trouble in the Ukraine can more easily all be blamed on Russia. We must face facts and hold accountable the government over which we have some control. We stopped missiles into Syria. We stopped a push for war on Iran. We can and must stop this too.

We demand a moratorium on all NATO wargames in Europe, cancellation of the “missile defense” program along with plans for missiles in the Ukraine, and compliance with the U.N. Charter’s ban on threats of war.

Fred Phelps is dead: the LGBT community owes him a debt of gratitude


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An evil man has departed the Earth, but not before inadvertently making it a better place.

Without Contraries is no progression. – Blake

Fred Phelps, founder of Topeka’s Westboro Baptist Church, is dead.

Over the past several years Phelps distinguished himself as one of the most vile people in America, which is no small feat given the high profiles our society has accorded Hall of Fame hatemongers like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

As he has lingered on his deathbed in recent days, we’ve had a chance to ponder this moment and discuss what the proper response might be. My own pot shot – “may his funeral be well attended” – paled compared to some of the (justified, it must be admitted) rage against the man’s legacy. At the same time, we saw altogether more noble comments from people like Facebook’s First Citizen, George Takei, who reminded us that hate…

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Compassionate Hypocrites

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The latest Congressional dispute over extended unemployment benefits is another case study in the hypocritical way in which our elected officials continually back the interests of the wealthy over those of average or disadvantaged Americans. As has become their standard response to any attempts by the Administration or Congressional Democrats to spend money to improve the lives of people who have lost jobs due to an ailing economy or property due to natural disasters, for instance, the GOP always to call for equivalent budget cuts somewhere else to balance the books. The somewhere else can never be revenue increases or cuts to other expenditures that affect the wealthy at all. Cuts must be to other programs helping the same people as the proposed increased spending is to be allocated for.

Congressional action (or more accurately – inaction) of late has been dominated by the GOP who are adamant in their…

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