United for Peace and Justice

The Islamic State (ISIL) is a dangerous entity, which needs to be stopped. But this cannot be a U.S. directed project, nor can we afford to repeat the mistakes of the past. We cannot bomb an ideology. While our soldiers are safer, the endless drone airstrikes are killing others, Invisible to the public, the bombing inevitably causes widespread suffering among innocent people, multiplying enemies and provoking further ‘terrorism.”

More constructive alternatives to military intervention include:

accelerating humanitarian assistance for displaced people,
halting the flow of US arms to the region,
pressuring allies to halt the financing and the flow of weapons and IS personnel through their territories,
prioritizing diplomatic intervention under United Nations auspices,
insisting on a renewed peace process for Syria that includes all parties,
involving Iran and other regional actors in the negotiations over Iraq’s future, which include the diversity of groups within that country.
While none of these options is fool-proof, an American war is a proven failure.