Twitter Post: Walter Shaub former Director of the Office of Government Ethics

This is what I consider a summation of trump’s time in the White House.

“I’m thinking that if I was to “believe” someone to tell me the truth, it would be Walter, an Ethics professional. Please share this with everyone you know.

Here is what he stated:

Heed the signs and don’t underestimate the threat to our republic from within:

-Trump obstructed justice

-A McConnell-packed SCOTUS says precedent can be changed more easily than previously thought

-AG Barr is an open partisan and slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre beneficiary

-White House ignores congressional subpoenas, document requests

-Mnuchin is violating a law on turning over taxes to House

-Barr & Senate allies want to investigate officials who investigated Trump to retaliate against them and deter future efforts to hold him to the rule of law

-State Dept is setting up a commission to supplant human rights with “natural law”

-An Inspector General found standing room only in border detention cells, with detainees standing on toilets to breathe

-children stolen from parents at the border are dying in internment camps

-Trump cut resources for investigating domestic terrorists

-FBI reports a recent significant rise in white supremacist domestic terrorism

-evidence found of a white supremacist plot to add census Q to help gerrymander in ways “advantageous to Republicans and non-Hispanic whites”

-Trump is still resisting setting up defenses against foreign election interference

-Trump’s personal attorney solicited foreign govt investigation of current Trump political rival Biden

-AG Barr said something in a weird interview about investigating former Trump rival Clinton

-There’s cause for concern Trump/Kushner personal interests may be influencing middle east policy

-Ignoring Congress, Trump declared fake emergency & abused authority to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia to continue its atrocities in Yemen, after it murdered a Washington Post reporter

-Trump declared fake emergency to get more power to ramp up activity at border

-ethics violations (and ethically dubious conduct not rising to a violation) occurring at an unprecedented rate among Trump appointees

-senior admin official says she doesn’t care about an ethics law

-if impeached, Trump says he’ll try to get SCOTUS to overturn the impeachment

-McConnell, who blocked Merrick Garland ostensibly because it was an election year, shamelessly hinted this week that he’d be willing to fill a SCOTUS position for Trump in an election year

-Trump is praising autocrats, undermining allies

-Tone of OLC’s recent opinions has changed under Assistant AG Steven Engel, who was tied to one of the torture memos

-Military went to the border for Trump

-Military hid a ship to placate Trump

-Airborne seen wearing MAGA patches

-Trump admin & Graham inexplicably advocating war in Iran/Venezuela

-DOJ experimenting with new legal theory for prosecuting those who publish classified information (raising a question as to whether the theory will be limited to hostile foreign actors or expanded to journalists)

-some public voices are normalizing Trump admin conduct

-voicemail from Trump lawyer to Flynn shows a disturbing carrot/stick approach (or worse)

-Trump has seemed to dangle pardons to buy silence or worse

-Trump admin officials are violating records laws to conceal actions

-Trump said “Russia, if you’re listening”

-Trump said “fine people” marched with nazis

-Trump has told over 10,000 false or misleading statements, per Washington Post

-Trump helped cover up Khashoggi murder, and Kushner’s said to have offered advice to MBS on weathering the storm

-a foreign prince is reported to have said he has Kushner in his pocket (but denies saying that)


-Trump’s behavior is erratic and is marked by frequent lies, bizarre public outbursts, name-calling and confusion

-no press conferences, and no transparency

-Trump allies in congress are either lying about the Mueller report or haven’t read it

-Trump allies in congress are trying to prevent Mueller & others from testifying because they know their base hasn’t read the report and right wing media has kept them from hearing about it.”

~ Walter Shaub 5/31/19

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