Senator Markey & Rep. Blumenauer Reintroduce Legislation to Cut $75 Billion from Bloated Nuclear Weapons Budget – U.S. Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts

“We need sanity when crafting America’s budget priorities, and more and improved nuclear weapons defies common sense. President Trump wants nothing more than to cut Medicaid, Head Start, and affordable housing programs, but has no problem wasting hundreds of billions of dollars on new nuclear weapons that could undermine deterrence and make us less safe. The SANE Act cuts nuclear weapons and delivery systems that we don’t need so we can invest in the people and programs that will make America safe and prosperous in the future.”
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On Bragging About Murdering People You Turned into Terrorists -David Swanson October 29, 2019

“You cannot promote the rule of law by loudly bragging about committing murder. You cannot end terrorism by committing terrorism. Here is a U.S. president openly proclaiming that he has committed murder in order to let people be afraid they’ll be next. If anything fits the definition of terrorism, that does. The U.S. public cannot see it because (1) whatever the U.S. does is good, (2) Trump’s fans support anything he does, (3) loyalists of the Democratic Party believe that any crimes Barack Obama committed can never be crimes even if Trump commits them. But this crime is not just accepted; it’s a point of pride — a way to feel superior to other countries that have not murdered any terrorists or even created any terrorists to murder.”

Peace in Afghanistan – Let’s Try Democracy

Peace in Afghanistan – Let’s Try Democracy

“In recent years we have begun to see big marches in Afghanistan against war. But we’ve stopped seeing them in the United States. What we need is, of course, to see them in both places, simultaneously, in solidarity, and at a greater scale than people are used to.”

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The World Must Compel the U.S. to Allow Korea to Have Peace – David Swanson Let’s Try Democracy

The World Must Compel the U.S. to Allow Korea to Have Peace

“So, I think it’s important that we remember a few things. The United States government divided Korea in half. The United States government imposed a brutal dictatorship on South Korea with a U.S.-educated dictator. That dictator, with U.S. complicity, massacred South Koreans. He also sought out war with North Korea and launched raids across the border prior to the official start of the war. The U.S. military dropped 30,000 tons of explosives on North Korea, much of it after pilots began complaining about the “scarcity of strategic targets” left standing. The U.S., in addition, dropped 32,000 tons of napalm on the Korean Peninsula, principally targeting civilian human beings where they lived. Still not satisfied, the United States dropped insects and feathers containing bubonic plague and other diseases in hopes of starting epidemics. A side benefit of those efforts is very probably the spread of Lyme disease, very likely spread from Plum Island off the tip of Long Island, New York. The U.S.-led war on North Korea may have killed some 20 to 30 percent of the population of the North, not to mention those in the South killed by both sides. Few Koreans in the North do not have relatives who were killed or wounded or made homeless. U.S. politics is still twisted by the U.S. Civil War of over 150 years ago, but few in the United States imagine that the Korean War of less than 70 years ago has anything to do with current North Korean behavior.”

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‘Bernie or Bust’ Is a Warning—Ignore It, and Trump Wins | Opinion

There is only one Democratic candidate. Any other outlook will give President Donald Trump.

“If you prefer another candidate and vote for that candidate in the primaries, you will need to acknowledge that you are ensuring another four years of Donald Trump.

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#TRUNEWS #REVOLUTION #CATALAN As the World Burns: Revolutions, Civil Unrest, and Sedition

Streamed live on Oct 21, 2019

If the Good People Would Be Loud – John Pavlovitz



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Nonviolence News: People and Planet Are Worth More Than Gold – Rivera Sun

Editor’s Note from Rivera Sun

This week’s Nonviolence News is packed with stories about people redefining what’s important in our world. A fleet of cruise ships has been coming to the rescue in the Bahamas, eschewing luxury trips for helping people. The Seminole Tribe has been airlifting drinking water to Bahamas for nearly a week.

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